Melt Safe

Eco Safe Ice Melter


Melt Ice Safely
with Melt Safe!

Contains No Rock Salt!
100% Safe for Pets

6.5 lb Shaker of Melt Safe

Engineered to Safely Melt Ice and Provide Traction

Melt Safe Eco Ice Melter is an All-In-One ice melting system designed for maximum portability, easy distribution and the safety of your pets in mind. The dual-action formula -- melt and coat -- makes Melt Safe the perfect choice for all your ice melting needs.

Melt Safe utilizes Greenecular Technology so its granules are color coded for high visibility on ice and snow -- this allows you to quickly see where Melt Safe is working and also provides the benefit of superior traction control on treated surfaces.

Melt Safe is available in both an ergonomically designed 6.5 lb shaker and a larger 40 lb re-sealable container for larger jobs.

It's Safe For:

 Pets and their paws   Children's hands   Roads   Driveways   Pavers   Concrete   Asphalt   Stone Pavers   Plants and Flower Beds   Decking   Sidewalks   Walkways   Paving Stones   Cobblestones   Concrete   and Much More! 

Safe4Paws - Safe For Your Pets Paws

Melt Safe Contains NO Rock Salt

Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) will harm ALL Masonry Surfaces and Irritate Pets and Children’s Skin. Melt Safe is formulated with an Anti-Slip traction agent and contains NO ROCK SALT.

Now let's compare Melt Safe with other brands Ice Melt:

Ice Melt Comparison Chart
Melt Safe HALITE Safer than Salt Morton: Safe T Plus Road Runner
Primary Ingredient Magnesium Chloride Rock Salt Rock Salt Rock Salt Rock Salt
Effective Temperature -5°F +24°F +25°F +5°F +15°F
Traction Agent YES no no no no
Safe for Concrete YES no no no no
Safe for Pets YES no no no no
Safe for Gardens YES no no no no
Safe for Pavers YES no no no no
Safe for Children YES no no no no
Drainage Agent YES no no no no
Extended Melt Life YES no no no no
Color Aid for better coverage & visibiliy YES no YES no no

Directions for using Melt Safe


Step 1 - Apply

Apply a generous layer of Melt Safe onto frozen area.


Step 2 - Let It Sit And Wait A Bit

Relax while the Greenecular crystals melt the ice and snow.


Step 3 - That's it!

Now the ice and snow has melted away, you can walk freely on the traction-enhanced surface.

Sizes Available

6.5 lb Shaker Bottle of Melt Safe

6.5 lb Shaker Bottle

Our 6.5 lb shaker is the perfect size for your home or office. The ergonomically designed handle will allow you to easily and evenly distribute Melt Safe anywhere you find ice.

40 lb Bucket 'Full Kit' of Melt Safe

40 lb Bucket - Full Kit

The 40 lb bucket is ideal for any large-scale job and is perfect for contractors or municipalities. Use the scoop included inside the bucket to evenly spread Melt Safe over large areas and re-seal the re-sealable container for easy long-term storage.

Custom Melt Safe Orders

Custom Orders

Please contact us for custom sized orders. Call 215-971-9431 to speak with a representative directly or email us.